First Conference for Parents of Transgender Children

Thursday, 03. 1. 2007  –  Section: TransNews, Vault

We are pleased to announce the first family conference for parents of gender variant and transgender children!  Join us in Seattle during the 2007 Labor Day weekend as we debut the first family-centered conference for people raising gender variant and transgender kids and teens. Stephanie Brill, conference program director and founder of the Children’s Hospital Oakland support group for parents of gender variant and transgender young children, brings her expertise and ground-breaking work to our family conference.
Gender Odyssey – Family
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Seattle, Washington
August 31st – September 2nd, 2007
What to expect…
  • Amazing presentations, panel discussions and interactive forums where parents can explore the issues related to raising children who do not fit into society’s current expectations of gender.
  • Excellent childcare for our gender variant kids and their siblings to play together while the parents attend workshops.
  • Two picnic lunches for families to meet, socialize, and share experiences.
  • Workshops for teens and older children throughout the weekend.

Programming topics…
Gender Inside/Outside of the Home
What are the obstacles my child might face?  How can I best prepare my child?
What are the differences between gender presentation, gender identity, gender fluidity, and gender behavior?
Ask the Trans Person
Q & A panel discussion
Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem
How do I best love and support my child?
Should I Consider Medical Intervention?
If so, what’s reasonable?   Do I wait until my child is an adult?  What about puberty?  What if my kid changes his/her mind?
Managing Healthcare
Current medical information about endocrinology—hormones, physical changes, side effects, insurance options.
Advocacy for Your Child
How do I educate my child’s school, other children’s parents, doctors or therapists?
Register early for discounted rates.
Submit a workshop proposal—deadline April 1st.

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